The Limousin is an ancient breed, which originated in the western part of the French Massif Central (the region around the town of Limoges). The breed owes its name to that region. Originally, the Limousin was a workhorse that was selected for its excellent working qualities. Because of its easiness, large legs and especially the easy way the Limousins calves, it is a very popular breed.

Over time, this breed has grown into a meat breed that is easy to maintain. At the moment, Limousins are widespread because they adapt easily to different climates. The Limousin is a large breed. A cow is 150 to 160 centimetres and a bull between 170 and 180 cm. The bulls can reach a weight of around 1200 kilos.

Growth rate: Data show that the average daily growth rate for calves aged 0-8 months ranges from 1000 to 1500 grams. With intensive feeding, an increase of 1500 grams per day is achievable after weaning.

Slaughter yield: The percentage of meat at slaughter ranges from 65 to 70 %. The Limousin is very remarkable because of its light bone structure and excellent muscle, and is able to have up to about 80% lean meat on the carcass.


The very muscled breeds can perfectly satisfy the demand for a good and lean piece of beef.

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