Goat courses

Goat courses

Examples of lesson topics:

From the lamb to the dairy goat

problem areas in each age period (what to look for and how to implement the main recommendations)

The needs of goats

Basic needs of each age period (from birth to dairy goat)
A room for keeping goats, how to properly equip it, small tricks to save money on
Farm climate (ventilation / heating)
Farm management are the main things to pay attention to.

Feeding the goats

what feed goats need
what crops should be sown, in what volumes
how to harvest feed
how to make diets depending on the group of animals
major feed problems

Signals of the goats

Understanding the basic needs of goats
Interpreting Goat Behavior
Early disease recognition
Correction of work on the farm in accordance with the signals received from the goats.

Health goats

The main diseases that are found on the goat farm

Milking goats

Milking technique, especially goat milking
Setting up equipment for milking, features of preparing and setting up equipment for milking goats
Problems arising from improper hardware setup

Artificial insemination of goats

Semen collection
The technique of artificial insemination of goats
All theoretical studies are necessarily supported by practical exercises on a goat farm.

All programs are compiled individually, depending on the needs and level of the client.

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