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We supply a variety of breeds, with the emphasis on Holstein-Friesian cattle. The various breeding programs in Europe are very advanced. They use sperm from the best bulls in the world. The animals come with a pedigree with a minimum of three generations. The cattle we export haven been carefully selected, animal by animal.

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Since 2005, VAEX has been active in the export of breeding cattle.


VAEX will be glad to accompany you along the procedural path when merchandising your cattle, offering an all-in service. 


We accompany our clients with the selection of the animals at the farm of the supplier. Each individual cow is examined by a veterinarian and provided with a health statement. Off course our company keeps itself updated with regard to the requirements imposed on these statements by the veterinary offices in the various exporting countries. 


We deliver animals including a pedigree certificate with information of at least 3 generations of ancestors and milk production of the mother/grandmothers. 

The various breeding programs in Europe are advanced with the use of the semen of the best bulls in the world.


Depending on the wishes of our customers we can provide blood tests such as IBR, BVD and Neospora.


We organize export quarantine if it is required by the export certificate to your country. During this quarantine we make all the necessary treatments, blood tests and vaccinations according to the export certificate. At the end of the quarantine there will be made an official veterinarian certificate signed by the official veterinarian of the export country.


Our own specialized cattle transports (Cattle cruisers) are equipped with water and ventilation systems and suitable for short and long distances transport.

Transport by boat or aircraft is optional in the event of greater distances.


Animals are always insured during the transport to the customer for 100% of the value in case of death and 25% in case of abortion.

There are also other insurance options (for additional costs):

· 14 days after arrival

· 30 days after arrival

45 years of experience and expertise

VAEX is a company with an extensive network of international contacts. This means that we can adapt purchase to the needs and specifications of the customer. This is how we ensure that the right animal gets to the right customer.

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Besides a wide variety of breeding cattle, we also can deliver young and slaugther cattle.

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Individual seminars and training courses on cow farming

We invite everyone who wants to engage in cow breeding and those who already have a farm, but have questions and problems, for individual or group training at our training center in the Netherlands. Leading Dutch experts in the field of cow breeding/farming will introduce you to the most important aspects that all farmers need to pay attention to.

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