The Holstein-Friesian breed comes in both black/white and red/white form. It is a distinct dairy breed with a high milk yield and almost no muscle. The origin of this cattle is located in Netherlands.

The Holstein-Friesian cow produces well in any climate. The cattle is characterized by good durability, high productivity and high fat and protein levels in milk, making it a cost-effective and highly profitable livestock on farms around the world.

The Dutch Holstein-Friesian cow is the product of a high quality breeding program. The breeding goal is: healthy cows with a high productivity and excellent quality of dairy.

We can offer you open heifers, heifers, fresh cows, cows or breeding bulls.

Performance: lactation, based on 305 days with a fat content of 4,2% and 3,2% protein:
· 1st lactation – no less than 7.000 kg of milk
· 2nd lactation – no less than 8.000 kg of milk
· 3rd or subsequent lactation – no less than 9.000 kg of milk.

Age:  18-30 months on the day of delivery.

Weight: 450-550 kg depending on the age and stage of pregnancy at the time of dispatch.

Pregnancy: 3-6 months before the date, confirmed by results of the inspection veterinarian.

Stud Book: All animals are registered in the official stud book, accompanied by a certificate of pedigree, which shows the last 3 generations. 

We have experience in exporting Dutch Holstein-Friesian cattle to Africa and the Middle East. We can export to Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and many other countries.


These animals are mainly held for the production of milk. The breeding goal is more milk and protein production, without compromising on durability and fertility.

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