The Hereford is a breed of cow originally from the southwestern part of England. In the second half of the eighteenth century, this characteristically hardy and durable beef cattle was developed around the market town of Hereford. There are both horned and unhorned (polled) Herefords.

The Hereford is a powerfully built animal, with a height of about 135 to 150 centimetres measured at the hip. Herefords are characterised by a white head, the white stripe on the neck and dewlap. For the rest, the Hereford is coloured red. The animal has a naturally heavy musculature and a friendly and calm character. Herefords calve without any problems. The calves have a low birth weight at birth, generally between 30 and 40 kilograms.

The Herford mothers have been selected to guarantee a good milk yield for seven months. This allows them to give their calves a good growth start. Weaning off at an age of 200 days, they usually reach a weight of about 270 kg for bull calves and about 245 kg for heifer calves. After that the Hereford grows well, on a ration of preferably grass and minerals, preferably of a hard quality. Feeding concentrates is definitely not necessary.


The very muscled breeds can perfectly satisfy the demand for a good and lean piece of beef.

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