The cream-coloured French Charolais beef breed is characterised by its high growth and excellent yield. The robust animals have short, coarse legs and a calm character. Charolais are big, heavy animals. Cows have an average height of 140 centimetres and a weight of 750 to 1000 kilos. The bulls have an average height of 145 cm and weigh 1100 to 1300 kg.

The breed is characterised by a high growth rate. Fattening bulls can grow up to 28 grams per hour. The daily weight gain is 1350-1400 grams. The animals have a low tendency to form fat. They have a lot of meat and little fat in relation to the bone structure.

The Charolais is one of the largest and oldest meat breeds in the world.  During the winter months it is a large processor of roughage (which is often produced on the farm) and needs very little concentrates.

Growth rate: Daily growth of 1600 grams per day is achievable

Slaughter return: Between 65 and 67%


The very muscled breeds can perfectly satisfy the demand for a good and lean piece of beef.

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