VAEX visits Zootechnia 2017 – Greece

Date: Monday, February 6, 2017

The heart of the livestock and poultry sector beated at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 2 to 5 February 2017. Two representatives of VAEX visited the 10th Zootechnia edition. Zootechnia is the only exhibition in Greece and the Balkans specialising in the animal production sector, presenting all the developments in the field and serving every two years as the meeting point for livestock and poultry representatives.

The exhibtion

The exhibition was mainly oriented to Livestock and Poultry. Many companies showed their newest techniques regarding animal housing, feed and mechanization. For VAEX an excellent meeting point to meet new contacts in Greece and the Balkans to improve our knowledge of these markets.

Company visits

Not only we visited the exhibition but we were also welcomed by three modern companies in Greece. The expectations were exceeded given the modern character of these companies. 

  • A cattle farm with 120 dairy cows (mainly Danish). Currently the company operates in improving the livestock numbers.
  • A short visit to a company with 90 milk cows.
  • A company with 70.000 broilers. Not quite our core business, but it is always good to learn from other industries.

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