VAEX meets De Linde

Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020

VAEX meets De Linde 

VAEX in combination with a catering establishment. Does that sound illogical? We don't think so! VAEX Group and restaurant De Linde in Reek have hit it off like no other. A golden combination, because we both go the extra mile in terms of quality and service. Meet... De Linde: Tasty recipe 'Linde'.

Because a positive dining experience takes more than good food alone


  • 2 young, enthusiastic local catering tigers
  • 190 kilos of well-matured cattle traders of the brand 'Govers'
  • 4 small branches of knowledge and quality herb
  • A handful of Brabant cheerfulness
  • 4 tablespoons of hospitality
  • Salt and pepper

Combine this with...

  • 1 beautiful building
  • 1 spacious terrace
  • A unique, trendy design and appearance
  • A varied audience from miles around

The result...

A tasteful, lively place that caters for every taste. Serve immediately!

TIP: Make sure there are plenty of drinks to suit the occasion and make a joint toast on life!

This recipe is offered to you by:
Tom and Simone of 'Linde'
Pim and Dirk Govers of 'VAEX Group'


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