Sending of breeding cattle to Turkmenistan

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In cooperation with Fa. Dane and Zn, VAEX organises an export of breeding cattle to Turkmenistan.

In the morning three trucks gather at the quarantine stables near Zwolle. In order to be well prepared for the journey, the drivers ensure that the trucks are well equipped with straw, hay, water and concentrated feed. Prior to loading, all animals are given an isectic treatment. After all documents have been prepared by an NVWA veterinarian, loading can begin.

Representatives of VAEX supervise during loading and supervise the transport from A to Z. The breeding cattle are loaded by experienced drivers. They are familiar with the route to be driven and ensure optimum animal welfare during transport. Frequently stops are made along the way so that the drinking facilities and the food can be refilled, the animals can rest enough and nothing is too short.

All animals have arrived in good condition and to our client's full satisfaction in Turkmenistan.

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