VAEX pig deliveries are made to measure. Through our steady trade relations we can supply pigs all over Europe. We see to the right optimization of value of each product, always striving for an open and transparent relationship between suppliers and buyers. This is why we specialize in accompaniment and brokering during the entire process.

Slaughter pigs and sows
It is VAEX Pig and Cattle Trading’s priority to ensure an open and transparant relationship between suppliers and buyers. This is why we specialize in accompaniment and brokering during the entire process of optimizing the value of your product. In this we strive for a constant quality of the animals. 

As part of optimizing the value of your meat pigs we constantly guard health and quality. Late in 2012 our company appointed a quality officer who visits multiplier companies and pig farmers. At these visits we clinically assess animal health. If need be our quality officer can execute or coach slaughter line survey.

Getting the right piglet on the market at the right spot at the right moment.  That is the challenge VAEX is glad to meet. To be able to do so, we put a lot of energy in keeping up a continuous and sustainable relationship with both our suppliers and our buyers, also by acting as broker between both parties. This helps us in our aim to get you the highest possible yield and get your animals to the right slaughterhouse.

Slaughter sows
VAEX makes the most of each sow, quality and condition of the animal determining the right marketing channel. Every week we gather sows from several farmers in collection centers. From there the sows are exported to Belgium and Germany or marketed at home.

VAEX also brokers in sows from other European countries, leading to a perfect orientation on the market for sows. Our company consists of an extensive team of professionals, active in every country. So VAEX is always able to be actually present at the selection procedure, resulting in a smooth and transparant completion.

"When we collect the slaughter sows VAEX can also take your left-over piglets. In this way there is only one movement and this decreases the health risk on your farm."


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