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About DanBred x Danish Duroc

DanBred x Danish Duroc ..

• Is originally from Denmark.
• Is a fast growing and vital fattening pig. Where another piglet stops growing at 130 kilos, the DanBred x Danish Duroc can easily continue to 180 kilos in the same growth curve.
• Can also be purchased in other countries, such as Hungary and the Netherlands.

High health status

DanBred x Danish Duroc ..

• Are known for their high health status
• Due to the high health status, the market for pigs in Denmark has grown very fast in recent years! 
• Uniform and robust from birth to slaughter. 

Superior growth

DanBred x Danish Duroc ..

• Has a superior growth. They can weigh up to 180 kilos.
• Can grow up to 1 kilo per day!

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