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Prices Piglets 2020

To inform you even better, the prices on the VAEX website have been updated daily since the beginning of January 2019. When a quotation is published, it is immediately visible on our site. This keeps us up to date.



DCA BestPigletPrice
VEZG (DE) 25 kg Nord-West (DE) 25 kg Nord-West (DE) 8 kg SPF Denmark Region 1
30 kg - PRRS Negativ (DKR)
SPF Denmark Region 1
30 kg - PRRS Positiv (DKR)
Vlaamse biggen (BE)
9 - 80.50 - - 670 650 -
8 70.00 77.00 - - 645 625 58.50
7 67.50 75.00 75.00 49.30 635 615 56.50
6 65.50 73.50 73.50 48.30 625 605 54.00
5 63.00 71.00 71.00 46.60 610 590 51.50
4 62.00 71.00 71.00 46.60 600 580 50.00
3 61.50 71.00 71.00 46.60 600 580 50.00
2 62.50 71.00 71.00 46.60 575 555 50.00
1 63,50 71.00 71.00 46.60 575 555 52.00


We have also added some quotations to our overview, including the Dutch Vion- and Westfort pig price and the German VEZG piglet price.

The quotations on the VAEX site are the most important basic prices for the European pig and piglet market.

The mutations of the different quotations do not always correspond. The price changes can vary due to the different markets/countries.

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De prijs voor varkens

For pigs, the Vion price, which will be published on Monday, is the leading price for the various quotations of pigs within the Netherlands. This is a Franco Bordes price, which means including supply costs and VAT.

The Dutch DCA Beurs price 2.0 (both slaughtered and living) and the Westfort price (slaughtered) are quoted exclusive of VAT.

For Germany, the ZMP (AMI) price is the leading price, which is published on Wednesday and applies from Thursday to Wednesday. This is an exclusive price, based on slaughtered weight.

An important classification system is AutoFOM or FOM, based on a measurement of muscle/bacon cover over the whole carcass.

In the case of a slaughter pig, the final price is based on: muscle to bacon ratio, slaughter weight and meat percentage.

Wanneer de vraag van slachthuizen naar varkens stijgt en boven het aanbod uitkomt, stijgt ook de varkensprijs en vice versa.

Een BestPigletPrice voor biggen

The BPP DCA BestPigletPrice is an important prize for the Netherlands. In 2015, this price was created to replace the NVV and Beurs quotation with the aim: to be a leader in the market, to stimulate an increase in the quality of piglets and to guide a better match between supply and demand of piglets.

In Germany the most important quotations are the VEZG and the Nord-West price. The VEZG price is published on Friday and is valid for the coming week. This price has been in line with the Nord-West price since 2018. So we can say that the VEZG price gives an earlier picture of the expected Nord-West price.

The Nord-West (NW) price was created years ago from the Weser-Ems (WE) and the Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) price. The NW will be published on Monday for the past week. They quote both the 25 and 8 kilo price.

We see an upward trend in Danish piglet trade so also the Danish quotation is becoming increasingly important. We therefore publish both the PRRS negative and positive price of the SPF Denmark Region 1 in Danish Crowns based on 30 kilos.

Finally, we also show the Flemish piglet price (VBP) on the site. A Belgian piglet quotation based on 20 kilos.

The rise or fall in the price of the slaughter pig can also be a determining factor for different piglet quotations.

However, this is not the only factor that causes the piglet price to fluctuate. Market conditions such as seasonal surges in southern Europe, production peaks or falls determine the rise/fall in the various quotations.

The quotations are only basic prices. There is (usually) a surcharge on the basic price. This surcharge depends on the difference in country, market, vaccinations, company size, quality, health status, group size etc.

Door VAEX genoteerde biggennoteringen zijn alle exclusief BTW.

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The price for sows as a sow listing

We publish the Dutch Vion price. This is the basic price quotation per kilogram carcass weight for sows for slaughter with classification type A. This price includes VAT, from farm and is adjusted for the final classification according to PVV advice.

The exclusive German Tönnies quotation remains one of the most important German quotations.

De zeugennotering is niet afhankelijk van de varkens- of biggenprijs.

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