Purchase and sale

VAEX is in close, standing contact with  breeding organisations, feed suppliers and vets. There is intensive accompaniment by a quality officer. We try to keep the proces as intelligible as possible, laying great worth on transparency from all parties. In this way we can offer every pig farmer the right genetics.


Supplying every type of genetics for every market. That is the challenge VAEX is glad to meet. The company is active all over Europe, so over the years it has been able to build an international network of suppliers and buyers.

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The right piglet in the right climate


VAEX pig deliveries are made to measure. Through our steady trade relations we can supply pigs all over Europe. We see to the right optimization of value of each product, always striving for an open and transparent relationship between suppliers and buyers. This is why we specialize in accompaniment and brokering during the entire process. 

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We see to the right optimization of value of each product.


We are glad to be of service in optimizing the value of your left-over piglets and in this way minimalize the health risk on your farm.

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We have a regular group of customers who are interested in residual piglets

Weekly update prices Piglets, Pigs and Sows.