Supplying every type of genetics for every market. That is the challenge VAEX is glad to meet. The company is active all over Europe, so over the years it has been able to build an international network of suppliers and buyers. In this way VAEX is able to have the entire cycle in its own hands.

In every market you will find a VAEX representative with knowledge of the culture in question. In this way we can offer every slaughter pig farmer the right genetics.

Quality management
Supplying good quality and healthy piglets is what we all strive for in our sector. In our opinion creating transparancy at both supplier and buyer is an important step in this.

VAEX appointed Jack Segers as quality manager to visit our supplying multiplier farms on a regular basis. During these visits the health of the animals is monitored, with a critical eye for animal welfare. Because Jack Segers has had years of experience as a vet for pigs, we hope he will bring a fresh look to these companies. Of course this always happens in consultation with the accompanying company vet and feed advisor.

Jack Segers’ monitoring is a VAEX initiative, our primary goal is accompanying and advising our suppliers, so together we will deliver high-quality and healthy produce. Technology keeps improving and because of that production levels keep rising. VAEX gladly co-operates with you to ensure your company keeps up with this growth at all levels and in the right way.

Purchase and sale
VAEX is in close, standing contact with  breeding organisations, feed suppliers and vets. There is intensive accompaniment by a quality officer. We try to keep the proces as intelligible as possible, laying great worth on transparency from all parties. In this way we can offer every pig farmer the right genetics, taking into account:

- The sow line
- Boar selection
- Vaccination schedules, vaccine, dosage
- Feeding systems 
- Weight on delivery

We also specialise in our own transport with a continuous check on welfare in the companies and our fleet.

VAEX highly values guaranteeing health and quality of the piglets. Because of our close contact with our customers our company is more than just a trader in piglets. Our professional staff screen both suppliers and buyers, enabling the ideal link between multiplier and pig farmer.

- Best experts (nutrition, care, prevention of illness etc.) 
- Selection takes place at the farm of origin.



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