We would like to introduce...

Date: Friday, May 28, 2021

Roy Woltman
Head of planning
He likes expensive champagne. On New Year's Eve, he lets off about two months' worth of salary in fireworks. He is a Happy Socks fan.

Mark van der Burgt
Logistics employee
Footballer. Enjoys Domino Day and gaming. Favourite food: McDonald's. Can also be found regularly on the padel court.

Dennis Louwet
Financial controller
Originally from Belgium. Good with figures, he loves explaining all the ins and outs to his colleagues. Knows all there is to know about Excel. Crazy about his two daughters.

Laura Rutten
Assistant financial controller
How to capture Laura's heart? Keep an air fryer in your bedroom. In her spare time, you will find her hitting a punch bag.

Joeri van der Kraan
The youngest of the group. Since he joined AXIS EUROLINK he has gained 5 kg in weight because of all the treats in the office.

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