Interview Mile Gvojić

Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Name: Mile Gvojić
Company: OPG Marko Gvojić
Activities: Owner. Manages complete agricultural and livestock cycle. Fattening of pigs and cattle. 

Why did you choose this profession?

Our family business has existed for many years. I'm the third generation. I discovered my passion for the profession when I was young. The work suits me very well. I still do it every day with great pleasure.

What will your company look like in 10 years?

Of course, it is always good to have goals and to improve your knowledge and skills. My goal is to increase production by 30% in the next ten years. In addition, I not only want to broaden my own knowledge and skills, but also those of our employees. I also want to invest in modernising the existing fattening farms and building a new barn for pigs.

What will the sector look like in 10 years?

There is a lot going on in European production sectors, including agriculture. New legislation and regulations regarding animal welfare and the environment demand a lot from us in terms of adaptability. Also in the future. How you deal with this will determine the future of your business. Although I was an excellent student, I left school to devote myself to farming and pig farming. In ten years' time, I expect persistent and determined individuals with a passion for the profession to be engaged in agriculture.

What challenges will follow in the future?

Those who dare to take risks are rewarded. In that spirit, I overcome all obstacles and challenges that I encounter with my business. Whether they're good or bad. I can only learn from this. I can then apply those lessons to the future of my business.

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