Looking for: Office Assistant

Datum: miercuri, 3 august 2022

About the role
As an Office Assistant you are the mainstay of the management and employees of the office. You support colleagues in various activities and you also ensure that the working atmosphere is optimal, with a smile and a joke.

As an Office Assistant you get a broad function, so you will be involved in:
● Administrative activities;
● Facility activities (such as stock management and mail);
● Website maintenance;
● Managing the social media channels;
● Support colleagues where necessary.

About you
You are positive, accurate and know how to keep things in order. You can set priorities well, you are involved and optimistic. You like to contribute to a positive working atmosphere, with your passion, humor and cheerfulness.

And further:
● Good command of the Romanian and English language.

What do we offer you
● Lots of freedom and a healthy dose of personal responsibility.
● More than enough variety.
● A nice, pleasant working environment. With various team activities.

Where do I end up?
At VAEX, a modern international livestock trading company. With a young and ambitious team. Our Romanian team consists of 6 ambitious women who work closely together and want to move forward together. It is a friendly team that treats customers and colleagues in a personal and informal way.

Check out our team → https://thelivestocktraders.nl/porci/news/o-echip-a-de-femei-in-romani-a

Apply directly
Send your CV and motivation letter to carmen.radulescu@vaex.ro

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