The planning department of VAEX is as a spider in the web between farmers, buyers and drivers. Planning all movements takes place in one spot, our home base in Reek. Having its own fleet, via sister company AXIS EUROLINK, VAEX has complete control of transport.

The means of transport depends on factors like distance, climate, number of animals and species. VAEX specializes in both short distance and long distance transport.

VAEX strives for constant development of its fleet to ensure quality and health of the animals in the most optimal way.

In our fleet we have cattle cruisers with a two-layer loading ramp, enabling loading up to 1.80 meters. Because of the two layers we can carry cattle without the lorry being too high. Our company also has conditioned, closed vehicles, ensuring animal health.

All means of transport VAEX uses have modern tracking and communication systems on board. Our planning department is in constant contact with both our marketing team and the drivers, so the entire process is well monitored. All vehicles have ventilators, drinking facilities and temperature registration and are specifically built to optimize livestock transport.

Our customers can also follow their own transport. VAEX will provide you with a log in code, so you can find out where your animals are at any moment you wish. If you are interested, please contact us.